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  • Mr. David William Lazar, MBA-Chairman
  • Mr. Cleiden Atanous, Esq -Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Zaya Younan - Adviser
  • Mr. Raman Lazar- Secretary
  • Dr. Sargon Issa- Member
  • Dr.  Alan Darush- Treasurer
  • Mr. Ashur Aghasi - Member
  • Mr. Ramsin Sheeno, Esq- Member
  • Miss. Ishtar Issa - Member
  • Mr. Elias Younan - Member




We believe that the Assyrian American community can be instrumental in bringing about change to US policy towards the Assyrians of the Middle East. We strive to be part of this change and part of the solution in defending Assyrian political and human rights throughout the Near East. While we will represent the collective Assyrian American viewpoint on matters of public policy, we will also serve as liaison between the community and their elected leaders.


Donations are political contributions and not deductible for income tax purposes. American Mesopotamian Organization PAC, can accept up to $5000 annually from individuals.
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STOP the new Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocide
Assimilation is Not an Option!
Kurdish Regional Government
Hands Off of Assyria Schools!
The Deforce Policies of the Kurdish Regional Government
Kurdish Fascism, Historical lies and the glorification of Mass Murderers
 traits found in Kurdish text books forced upon Assyrian students in Kurdish occupied Assyria.
Phase 2- Final

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The Deforce Policies of the Kurdish Regional Government
Kurdish Fascism, Historical lies and the glorification of Mass Murderers
 traits found in Kurdish text books forced upon Assyrian students in Kurdish occupied Assyria.
Phase 1 

AMO 11/16/2013 : Below are official translations (by certified translators) of excerpts from Kurdish text books used in schools in the region under the hegemony of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). These are the same books that are sanctioned by the KRG to be used in Assyrian schools. The texts are full of lies and historical inaccuracies; however we have underlined few sentences and paragraphs that we thought stand out from the rest of the text.

 As you can see in the first page and in the underlined paragraph, the text refers to Assyrians as “Christian Kurds”. This is indicative of a fascist mind-set Assyrians have suffered from at the hands of Arab fascists such as Saddam Hussein and his Baath party and now days at the hands of the Barazani clan and the KRG who seem to be following in the footsteps of the deposed dictator.

In the second page of the text and under the heading titled “Simko Shikak’s revolution” the KRG refers to the mass murderer Simko as a hero and goes on to describe the relationship between Simko and Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Barazani as fraternal and comradely. 

Who is Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Barazani?

 He was born around 1887 in the village of Barzan and was the elder brother of Mullah Mustafa Al Barazani, Masoud Barazani’s father. When the KRG refers to Simko as a Kurdish hero and names streets after him, they are only doing so because of deep ties of friendship between Masoud Barazani’s uncle and Simko. 

We will be releasing additional translated pages as part of our campaign titled “The Deforce Policies of the Kurdish Regional Government” in the coming days and weeks.

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The Deforce Policies of the Kurdish Regional Government

 The Fate Of Assyrian Villages

By Majed Eshoo

The Fate Of Assyrian Villages Annexed To Today's Dohuk Governorate In Iraq And The Conditions In These Villages Following The Establishment Of The Iraqi State In 1921 

 Translated from Arabic by Mary Challita


Without geography for the word…Freedom remains not free…

Strife has many forms, and service has wide channels especially that our Cause is passing through different paths and conjunctions which will push toward changes in the growing process affecting directly the final shape of the Assyrian Cause in today's Iraq which is suffering on one hand from a weakness in the nationalism of its elite political (leadership) factions and on the other is suffering from the pains of a legitimized division through some rigid theories…

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The Fate of Assyrian Villages

 AMO letter to members of the Kurdish American Congressional Caucus


The Honorable Representative

US House of Representatives

Dear Congressman

Our country’s national interest might have required that you support the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) regime and the Barazani family that dominates it, hence your membership in the Kurdish American Congressional Caucus; however, history has shown that the national interests of the United States are better served when it supports democratically elected governments which reflect the will of the majority while protecting the rights of the minority.


The rights of the Assyrian minority in the Kurd dominated region are being abused by the KRG and the main Kurdish political party which is led by Masoud Barazani. The Deforce policies of the KRG against the indigenous Assyrians of Northern Iraq have been ongoing since 2003 and after the collapse of the regime in Baghdad, but in the last several years these planned acts of intimidation have reached intolerable levels.


We strongly believe the main reason for KRG brazenness is they are of the opinion that they have been successful in developing strong and friendly relations with Western governments and also that the region is strategically important to these governments, hence, Western democracies will turn a blind eye towards “trivial” land disputes and inconsequential demographic change especially if they’re carried out under the disguise of modernization.  We also believe another equally important reason for the continuation of the unjust Deforce policies is due to the fact that no US official has ever filed a formal complaint with the KRG or publicly condemned their ill-treatment of the indigenous Assyrian Christians.


We are including with this communiqué an appeal for help by the residents of the Assyrian town of Mangesh which is located in the Nohadra (Duhok) province, one of three provinces controlled by the KRG. We’re confident that you will strongly denounce these acts with the KRG representation in DC as well as with its leadership in Iraq.









We demand that the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and on behalf of the people of the town of Mangesh, stop their policies of intimidation in forcing the people of the town to vote for Kurdish supported candidates. We are appealing to civic and Human Rights organizations to put an end to these abuses by the Kurdish Regional Government.

We, the sons and daughters of the town of Mengesh are being harassed by Kurds and their agents in all aspects of our lives, below is a list of their bullying tactics:

1-      We can’t freely vote for candidates running for political office

2-      Our lands are stolen and we are not able to speak out

3-      We are not able to join any political party other than Kurdish parties or those parties “owned” by Kurds.

4-      We are not able to host any representative from any of our nation’s independent political parties.

5-      We are not permitted to undertake any activity not sanctioned by the ruling Kurdish party (KDP)

6-      We can’t form any organization or any cultural center outside the realm of Kurdish control.

7-      Any individual that attempts to stay independent or tries to join a political party that is not under Kurdish domination and specifically under the hegemony of the KDP is attacked profusely and even prevented from earning a living.

8-      Anyone who doesn’t blindly support the policies of the KDP is not be able to get a government job.

9-      Individuals that don’t support the KDP or a political party controlled by the KDP are not able to register their lands in their names.

10-   Members of the KDP have formed gangs to terrorize the residents of the town to intimidate them and to have complete control over their lives.

11-   They (Kurds) monitor every person’s moves and if they become suspicious that a certain individual has any relations with another political party not controlled by them, that person is interrogated and is threatened.

For the above reasons we’re appealing to International Human Rights organizations and civil societies to help us stop Kurdish abuses because we have the right to live freely and we also have the right for self-determination.

Rosa Mengesh

Steven Khanjaro

Ammo Mammo