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A Kurdish Attack!

Jan 12, 2016 No Comments ››

The American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) has now confirmed that at approximately 1:00 AM, Damascus Time, a combined force of YPG and PKK Kurdish fighters attacked the Assyrian Christian neighborhood of …

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Bombing in Zaline (Qamishli), Syria

Dec 31, 2015 No Comments ››

Yesterday, starting around 9:30 PM, three Assyrian Christian resturants were bombed in the Christian quarter of the city of Zaline (Qamishli), Syria. The three restaurants were, by name, the Miami, …

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Our Initial Response to VanDyke’s False and Libelous Statements

Nov 4, 2015 No Comments ››

At the beginning of November, 2015, a certain Mr. Matthew VanDyke posted a webpage on his website in which he made a number of false and libelous statements concerning The …

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Welcome to the American Mesopotamian Organization

Jul 13, 2015 No Comments ››

We are a Grassroots/Political Action Committee founded to influence and guide U.S. policy on matters of interest to the Assyrian American community and to help elect candidates, regardless of their …

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Support the American Mesopotamian Organization

Jul 10, 2015 No Comments ››

The American Mesopotamian Organization runs on your donations and support. Through your donations we provide a voice for the millions of Assyrians who cannot speak for themselves. As Political organization, …

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