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Jun 17, 2015 No Comments ››

Six_Fallen_960X200Some of the fallen Assyrian fighters 

Welcome to the Fallen Fighter Fund, an ongoing campaign overseen by the Restore Nineveh Now Foundation, an intiative of AMO. The purpose of the Fallen Fighter Fund is to provide financial support to individuals who have been wounded or families who have had members killed while fighting ISIS and other enemies of the people of the Nineveh Plain.


Here is how it works:

We carefully screen cases of individuals wounded, injured or killed by ISIS and other enemies the Assyrian nation.

After selecting a wounded person or family who has lost a member, we make a careful evaluation of their needs, be those medical or financial, and set a financial target for helping them deal with their expenses.

We then make that person or family know to you, keeping track of how your donations are helping them recover from their injuries or loss.

Please consider your generous participation in this worthy effort.

Yes, I want to help with the Fallen Fighter Fund!


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