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In response to a State Department investigation of ISIS’ genocidal crimes in Iraq and Syria, the Philos Project has launched an initiative calling on Secretary of State John F. Kerry and the State Department to fully and unequivocally recognize the so-called Islamic State’s unmistakable campaign of genocide against Assyrian Christians in that region.

This effort, which we at the American Mesopotamian Organization fully support, is also backed by the Assyrian Aid Society of America and the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. Our goal is to forces the State Department’s consideration of genocide, which currently includes only the Yezidi peoples of Iraq, to include Assyrians in Iraq and Syria.

Andrews Kurth, LLP, prepared a detailed and in-depth letter (see below) for the Philos Project which states the obvious: ISIS’ pattern of abuse, torture and murder against Assyrians in Iraq and Syria meets all the criteria for genocide as laid out by the United Nations.

In a national press release sent out March 8th, 2016, Mr. David William Lazar, Chairman of AMO said:

We want to thank the Philos Project for initiating this effort, and the Assyrian Aid Society of America and the Iraqi Christian Relief Council for supporting it. For some time we all have known that the State Department has been considering whether ISIS’ attacks on the Yezidi peoples of Iraq constitute genocide – and we applaud this consideration. But without question, “ISIS’ killing of Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Syria also amounts to genocide. The State Department must include the Assyrian Christians of Iraq and Syria among those people who ISIS clearly intends to obliterate. In a clear and unified voice, AMO joins the Philos Project in calling on the Secretary of State and the State Department to declare the obvious: ISIS has unleashed a campaign of genocide against the Assyrian people and intends to wipe Assyrian Christians from the Middle East. Pursuant to this declaration, AMO demands that the United States and the international community step forward, put a stop to ISIS’ genocide against the Assyrian Christians, and protect them by means of self-governed, semi autonomous safe zones in Iraq and Syria. Anything short of this is a death sentence for the Assyrian people.

News of the letter has spread widely, and it is now being discussed on national platforms like the Salem Radio network.

Download (PDF, 394KB)


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