The Brave Yazidi Nobel Peace Prize Winner Demonstrates her Frustration with the Kurdish Militia in Iraq after the fall of ISIS in her meeting with President Donald Trump.

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Nadia Murad Basee Taha is an Iraqi Yazidi human rights activist. In 2014, she was kidnapped from her hometown Kocho in Sinjar District, Iraq, and held by the Islamic State (ISIS) for three months. Murad is the founder of Nadia’s Initiative, an organization dedicated to “helping women and children victimized by genocide, mass atrocities, and human trafficking to heal and rebuild their lives and communities”. In 2018, she and Denis Mukwege were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict”.  She is the first Iraqi and Yazidi to be awarded a Nobel Prize.

In her meeting with President Donald J. Trump in the White House on July 17, 2019, she appealed for his help to save the Yazidis of Iraq. Murad said that when ISIS attacked them, no one protected them. ISIS killed 6 of her brothers; they killed her mother and forced her into captivity with many other members of her family. She stated that, to this day, there are over 3000 Yazidi women in captivity which can benefit from the help of President Trump. Murad also stated that now there is no ISIS; however, they are not able to go back because the Kurdish militia is fighting with the Iraqi government to see who will control the indigenous Yazidi areas. President Trump replied that now that ISIS is gone, and it is now the Kurdish and who [are the problem]? Murad restated that the Kurdish government and the Iraqi government are the problems. She went on to say, due to all this totalitarianism, the Yazidis cannot protect their dignity.

Murad’s story is a symbol of unbelievable bravery, sacrifice, and survival. It’s also the story of hundreds of thousands of Yazidis, Assyrians, and Turkmen in Iraq. Murad is correct, ISIS and Islamic terrorism have significantly reduced in number and power, however, the totalitarianism and terror of the Kurdish militia, Kurdification, and land seizing need to be done away with as well. The current system in Iraq is not working for anyone but the Kurdish militia. Thus, the American Mesopotamian Organization is once again calling for a United front to establish the Nineveh Plain Province and the al-Rafidein Region.

American Mesopotamian Organization and a majority of Assyrian, Yezidi and Turkmen organizations in the world believe that a truly practical solution for the future of the victims and survivals of the ISIS genocide as well as the ethno-religious minorities of Northern Iraq is the establishment of an al-Rafidein Region. This needs to be comprised of three new provinces of Nineveh Plain, Sinjar and Talafar. We realize that this goal will only be achieved in stages, but the most important and foremost stage is the formation of these new provinces. We believe that this is a momentous effort, and no ethnic group will be able to accomplish the task on its own; hence, Assyrians, Yezidis, and Turkmens must work together in order to be able to achieve the required result.

Thus, once again, the American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) is calling upon Assyrian political parties in the Homeland to extend a hand of cooperation to Yezidi and Turkmen political organizations and form a united front to establish these three provinces with the goal is the creation of an al-Rafidein region for all its citizens, regardless of their religion, sect or ethnicity. AMO which is registered as an American Political Organization will work diligently on behalf of Assyrians, Yezidis and Turkmens to secure their rights to establish a secure region of their own as part of a united, democratic and Federal Iraq. AMO is also asking the Iraqi government, United Nation, United States and all International effective forces in the region to help and support the establishment of these provinces. We pledge that we will lobby the US government to help create these three new provinces and establish the proposed al-Rafidein Region. This is the only solution for Iraq’s conflict and the safe return of the persecuted people to their rightful homes.



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